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This is the official website of Free Fiona, an international organization campaigning to Sony/Epic for the release of Fiona Apple's new album, Extraordinary Machine.
Why hasn't Sony/Epic released the album?

Fiona Apple finished recording Extraordinary Machine in May of 2003, but Sony/Epic executives did not think it would sell enough copies to justify the cost of promoting and distributing it. Rather than spend more money, Sony/Epic decided to cut their losses and not release the album.

Why does Sony/Epic think her new album won't sell? Didn't her last two albums go platinum? Yes, TIdal and When the Pawn... are both RIAA certified Platinum in the United States. Sony Music recently replaced chairman and CEO Tommy "Love ya, baby!" Mottola with former NBC president Andrew Lack, a businessman with no prior music experience. He immediately shifted Sony Music's focus to pop and hip-hop acts that are traditionally bigger sellers. The master recordings of Extraordinary Machine were sent to a warehouse, where they remain to this day.

How can I help?
Send something with an apple theme - a fake apple, a real apple, a photo OF an apple, a piece of paper with an apple sticker, a sketch of an apple, even an apple pie - be creative! - to Andy Lack at Sony with a note attached. You can write a real letter or just scribble "Free Fiona!" on the envelope - whatever you want.

On January 24th, 2005 (see next question), send your themed-package or letter to:

Andrew Lack
550 Madison Avenue
24th Floor
New York, NY 10022

IMPORTANT!! We are timing our campaign so that all the Apple-themed packages arrive in the same week. PLEASE mail your package ON or VERY CLOSE TO January 24th, 2005.


PASS THIS ON!!! Even if you dont particularly care for Fi, you may know someone who does, so please repost, email, etc etc.

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Hey Peoples!!!

Hello... I'm asking to join this comunity because... I like it! lol

My name's Marie, I like acting and drawing, I can be a b!tch if you get on my wrong side, but i can also be a really nice and caring person. I've got a temper, too. IM me (aim) if you wanna chat or something. Playhousechik

Ok well in conclusing PLEASE let me join this comunity! ok thanks. lol
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(no subject)

Bah, I think I just posted to myself. Lovely. Anyway, let's focus on me for a minute.

I'm a whole 25 yrs old. Just finished a two-year nursing program, have returned to school already to work on my 4-yr nursing degree. I think subconsciously I'm trying to punish myself. I just moved this summer from my hometown to some large city I know nothing about. Thank goodness I have a roommate who is very nice and a good person. The other roommate is a good person. Hm. Have a cat, lovely little black cat, Pippin. I've only had him for a little over a week and he already knows he's in charge.

Um, interests. Books, movies, computer. Nursing, I suppose that's a given though. Being out at night. Does that count as an interest? Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping at night, so perhaps that's just a defensive technique.

Bah. I'm irritated. I'm going to go take my frustrations out on the shower gel. Questions?

We have crab legs.
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